Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Training Wheels?

As some of you know DaddyZilla recently bought a motorcycle to help our wallet in the fuel department because his boat of a truck drinks that stuff like it's free. He got an awesome deal on a Harley Sportster -I've posted pictures of it. Anyway before he could ride like the wind he had to: take the Army's training course, get it registered, get tags, get his endorsement on his DL and put it on the insurance. Well last Friday he did all of that and decided to take it out on his first drive to go and get his sticker for the bike on post. He was on his way to do that and only about 2 miles from our house when the unthinkable happened.

He was in an accident. A young lady was in the median and apparently didn't see him because she pulled right out in front of him. He hit her car (Thank the good Lord that he had all of his safety gear on and wasn't going very fast) and flew over the hood and landed on the road. He apparently never passed out and was able to give a bystander my number so he could call me. Talk about a phone call you NEVER want to get! Motorcycle accidents are no joke and could result in a great deal of injuries so I was terrified. That feeling was compounded by a cop who called and told me that he was "ok...for now" - let me ask you all WHO THE HELL WOULD TELL THAT TO A PERSON ON THE PHONE?!?!? Someone who's never got that call before thats for sure - I began to freak the hell out but luckily God answered my prayer and the bystander called back to tell me that DaddyZilla was able to move all his limbs and talk when he left. Thank goodness for that man - before he called back I wasn't sure what we were dealing with. Anyway DZ only ended up with a very badly sprained ankle -can we say lucky as crap? - some scraps and some really ugly bruises! I am very thankful that he was able to walk away from what could have been much much worse. I'd also like to say thanks to my friend who came and got me, drove us to the hospital and watched Zilla for the over 3 hours we were there! What an angel she is! DZ joked that maybe he needs training wheels....what do you all think?
DaddyZilla on his bike before he left - doesn't he just look HOT!!!
This is the bike afterward - at the tow place. As you can tell thats not exactly the correct angle for the front forks. In fact it's bent so badly that the tire is permanently wedged there - you can't turn the handlebars at all. Who knows if they can fix it. Oh did I mention that we put it on the insurance about 40 minutes before the accident? Good thing it's her fault or else they might would have dropped us before the paperwork even went through! LOL
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Oh and he now wants to get an Evil Kinevil star tattoo and my family is calling him "crash" - guess you gotta laugh or you'll cry right?

Let this be a lesson to anyone who is thinking about riding! If DaddyZilla hadn't been wearing his safety gear who knows how this might have ended - but he was and people Safety Gear SAVES LIVES so WEAR IT. Don't be stupid its not about you it's about the 20 year old in the Cadillac that might not be paying attention!!

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Bri said...

Awww, just let him get the tattoo. If he regrets it later, his own damn fault. And... Thank god all he got was a sprained ankle! And totally right, it's not about how good of a driver you are, it's those morons you have to drive next to on the roads.