Friday, September 5, 2008

Update on the Grainger Honda issue

I called the General Manager and left a message. One of the sales managers called me back and listened as I described the events yesterday. He was not exactly happy about how we were treated and said that he would make sure they found out who the salesperson was and have a talk with him because as he said "if they are having a bad day they can go home, they know not to bring that stuff to work". He did assure me that they at Grainger Honda DO care about customers and thanked me for calling to let them know.

He later called me back and said he talked with the General Manager who thinks he knows who it was and said that they would be sure to "handle" it - good I hope the jerk gets fired cause he was a HUGE A** to me. He also said that if we were still interested in the van he would handle it personally. They sent me the info on the van and what they could do - it was less than KBB value but I think they probably could have hooked me up better considering it has no warranty. I'm not counting it out but we'll see. DaddyZilla and I will talk about it. So overall I would say the manager guy was very nice and seemed mad for me that I had been treated that way.

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