Thursday, September 4, 2008

Never in my life

Have I ever been treated SO rudely by a person "trying" to sell me something that they make a commission on! Today I was looking around online at used minivans and I found a couple that were nice. So I was telling DaddyZilla about one of them when we were out running errands and he suggested we stop by and take a look. So we went to Grainger Honda in Savannah, GA.

Do yourself a favor and if your thinking of buying a car there DON'T!!

We got zilla out of the car and walked over to where the used vans were and we thought we found the one from online but it didn't have a info sticker so we just started looking at it. We opened the door and I was taking a look at the inside (which was pretty nice looking) when a salesmen walked over. DZ told him to talk to me since it would be mine. Well the jerk um I mean guy says to me "You should talk to me because your gonna read stuff that you couldn't possibly understand" referring to a piece of paper that was laying in the car that I had glanced at - I thought it was the price paper but it was just the warranty thing - which by the way I COULD understand since I can read after all. He then proceeded to be totally rude to us absolutely REFUSING to tell us what the price of the van was, instead insisting that we tell him our "budget" which we explained that we didn't really have one but we were interested in know what the van was priced at. He reacted to that by saying "Whatever everyone has a budget" and began walking away from us !! He then came back and said "well whats your budget" so I said forget this because that is totally unacceptable. I won't be treated that way and then expected to give them my business - yep nope not gonna happen.

If that man had told me the van was only $1000 I would have told him to stick that van up his a**!! I didn't catch the guys name - gee he wouldn't even tell us the price of the van so I doubt he would have offered his name - but I plan to e-mail or call the manager and I have no intentions of buying a vehicle there.

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Sam said...

good grief! You can tell that he wants you to say how much you are willing to spend so that he can then make up a price and get more money!!! What you should have done was given him such a small budget as to make him think again!!

I certainly wouldn't go there again!!