Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Aliens Have Landed

Well at least they have at my house according to my husband. I will explain it and you all can decide for yourselves. I bought some cookies today at Walgreens to have for the birthday party this weekend. I got home and set the two boxes on the counter with the other party stuff - well out of Zilla and Daisy's reach. I walked into the kitchen a little while ago and look over to see that the box is open so I look in and sure enough the bag is also opened - not ripped but opened properly. Well gee I'm thinking that the 2 year old couldn't reach up there and would have eaten through the box cause he's a goat and surely doesn't have the dexterity to open the bag nicely without tearing it. Next to come to mind is the dog but I'm also fairly certain that she too would have ripped open the box and bag mainly due to the fact that she has no thumbs. I also think that she wouldn't have left any cookies or put the box back nicely - she's not big on picking up after herself. Well that would leave one other person (since I friggin know I didn't do it)right? Well according to my cookie loving husband he didn't do it but he has a theory - i bet you can't wait for this. He said that aliens must have come to our house (cause if you lived in outer space you'd pick MY house to visit first right?) in order to "probe" the dog but Daisy told them she would give them cookies if they didn't probe her. So the aliens apparently thought this was a good trade so they opened the cookies, took a few and left our dog intact.

I'm not gonna call him a lair but well somehow I'm thinking that story just doesn't work for me. I suppose there is a small (VERY small) chance that they were already opened when I bought them except for the fact that when I put them in the bag to walk home no cookies fell out, I didn't see it open when I took it out of the bag and I also didn't see it open when I put it on the counter. Needless to say we have a cookie monster (whom I personally think *could* have red hair) in our house. What do you all think?

ETA: I wrote this last night but Blogger was down

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