Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm being Used

Yesterday a friend and I went to Sams to get a few things. She calls me every few weeks or so and asks if I want to go to Sams. This would be code for: "I need to use your Sams card to get stuff and you have to come with me" - she uses me. I got my card as a gift for Christmas from my Dad and stepmom. I really only get bananas and some other odds and ends so I guess it's not a big deal I mean someone should get full use out of the card right? What was funny though was that the cashier remembered us! She knows that we both use my card and even commented that my friend was using me...LOL. It was pretty funny - you'll just have to trust me on that.

1 comment:

Bri said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Im not gonna have anyone to use when I move... Im so sad :p I think we are back to debatably nice! HAHAHAHAHA! J/K I love ya girl! xoxox