Tuesday, July 1, 2008

They are BACK!!!

I had been invaded by slugs but after a several days of not seeing one I thought I got my point accross - this is not a half-way house for slugs. Well people I was wrong. The other day I walk into my livingroom to find not one but two stinkin slugs!! A nice big one was on the floor and then there was a dare devil slug on my door jam. I got a tissue and the salt and killed them both.

That got me thinking that maybe these slugs have a death wish. They have to know that I've been killing their friends so why would they continue to come into my house? I think I've become the Jack Kevorkian for slugs. Is assisted suicide for slugs illegal? I wouldn't want to get into trouble or anything - prision just doesn't seem like it would work for me. Here is one of the deseased:

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