Saturday, July 5, 2008

Destruction by toddler

Yesterday morning I was peacefully watching CNN Headline News in the living room and Zilla was back in my room watching PBS. I checked on him and he was quietly standing by my bed just watching Thomas so I went back up front and cleaned up a little while catching up on the news. Not even 30 minutes later Zilla runs up into the living room holding his beloved object from my room aka. my bottle of Ralph Lauren perfume. He can now officially reach all the way onto my dresser and get what he wants so I went back to survey the damage his perfume search made. I just wasn't prepared for what I actually saw when I got to my room. He had not only gotten on my dresser in that 30 minutes but he had destroyed my room - it looked like I should call FEMA to try and get some disaster money! Blah I guess I'm gonna have to start closing my room. Here are the pictures - if I had renters insurance I could claim burglary!
Oh and yes that is my side table totally tipped over onto it's side at the top of the photo and the entire contents of my makeup bag on the floor. The boy sure works fast and quiet!

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