Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dog Sitting

Zilla and I are dog sitting for a friend this week. My friends dog is just too cute for words and well I want to keep her. Don't worry DaddyZilla I'm not gonna keep her - I'm just sayin she's cute. Her name is Sissy (wouldn't have been my choice maybe something like Killer would have fit lol) and she is a Chihuahua/Mini Pin mix but she looks like a miniature boxer. Sissy LOVES our dog Daisy but I'm not sure that Daisy is as excited about Sissy. Daisy is over 6 years old and well lets just say we call her a rug with legs so she's not super active (probably why she got up to a massive 102 pounds!) but Sissy REALLY REALLY wants to play. They are doing ok - Daisy just goes and hides! Zilla thinks shes super cute but doesn't really want her to interact with him - he likes her just fine about a foot away from him. He has been laughing his booty off at Daisy and Sissy "playing" so thats good I guess. She's a cute dog but dang I'm glad Daisy is past the puppy stage - "we" had to get up 3 times last night to go potty. She is nice to snuggle with though - if Daisy were this small I would tote her EVERYWHERE!! Oh well.

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