Friday, July 25, 2008

Goodbye BabyZilla, Hello ManZilla!!

Yesterday afternoon DaddyZilla and I decided to go and get Zilla's hair cut. I have just been keeping it trimmed up until now but DaddyZilla kept calling him a hippy even once referring to him as john denver so I guess it was time. I thought for sure that Zilla was going to freak out because when I try to trim his hair he isn't exactly cooperative if you know what I mean. I was however pleasantly surprised because he did very well. He sat on Daddy's lap and refused to wear the cape but seemed to be good to go once the lady gave him a sucker. He did get antsy toward the middle but I just got close to him and we talked about his sucker and he was fine. His ears still need a tiny bit of clipping but by that point he was d-o-n-e! So here are some pictures of my former BabyZilla - now he surely looks like a ManZilla!
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