Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zilla's 2nd Birthday Party

The party turned out great and everyone had a great time! It was a total success and renting the bounce house was totally worth it. We had to pry Zilla out of the thing to come and eat cake and we all know how much he likes him some cake. In fact when DaddyZilla brought the bounce house in the back yard Zilla was playing on it as they were blowing it up and then he and daddy jumped in that thing for almost an hour and a half before the party!!! We let the kids jump in the bounce house and had bubbles, an art easel, the t-ball, little tikes car and the slide for the kids to play on. Then we did cake (which I made Yay me!), cup cakes and ice cream before gifts. Zilla loved all of his gifts and so did all the kids LOL. Thanks so much for all the great friends and family that were able to come! Here is a slide show of the party pictures:

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Anonymous said...

Yes - he did love that bounce house!!! I think you may have to get him one for keeps!!! You did SUCH a great job on his cake!!! The party turned out fantastic and was a lot of fun for everyone!!! I'm so glad that both his mommy and daddy were able to be there!!!

PS...You're gonna have to frame that pic of Daddyzilla with the ears on!!! Great pic!!!