Monday, July 21, 2008

Umlimited Fun for $5.99

We all went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast the other day and picked up a handheld bubble blower. It was about $5.99 and worth every single penny.
You should go get one for your kid like NOW!

Zilla had SOOOOOO much fun with this thing. On a normal backyard trip Zilla beelines it to the big tree in our back yard, says hello to it (don't ask) and then requests (more like demands) to be pushed on the swing. Well with the bubble blower thingy he didn't even go out to the tree let alone demand to be pushed on the swing! He chased them all over the yard yelling "bubbles" it was too dang cute. He had a blast and I enjoyed not having to push him on the swing...LOL.
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