Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quack Quack

When Zilla was smaller (haha) we had a inflatable duck bathtub thing that sits in the bathtub so we can give him a bath but not worry about him slipping in the big tub. Well this thing was great for a while because it was easy to fill up and he loved that if you squeezed the beak it would quack - he thought that was so funny and made me do it often. Well after he outgrew it I just left it inflated in my room and he played in it quite a bit actually. About a month and a half ago I deflated it and packed it up cause it was in the way. Well since then Zilla has decided that because his duck is not here to quack at him that I must now fulfill that need. He will walk up to me and grab at my lips and say "quack quack" which I must obviously reply with "quack quack" - he is still into this in fact he did it about 7 minutes ago. I swear that kid is just too cute that I can't help but quack with him! LOL

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