Friday, July 25, 2008

Why are dumb people allowed to work?

I have been thinking about why on earth dumb people are allowed to have management positions since my trip to Toys R Us last night. I went there last night after Zilla was in bed to pick up something for Nanna cause it's on sale there - otherwise I truly try to stay out of TRU cause well I hate this store. So anyway I grab an Ad on my way in and see that they have a B1G2 Free sale on ALL Crayola Markers* so I think thats a good deal and was going to pick some up. Well on the Ad at the bottom where the * is it says "Free Item must be of equal or lesser value to the lowest priced item purchased. Marker offer excludes art sets and Beginnings products. Paper, pads and posters offer excludes Color Wonder, Color Explosion, Color Surge, coloring books and art sets." - ok from that I would conclude that the marker promotion ONLY excludes art sets and beginnings stuff since the part that says paper, pads and posters offer was talking about a different sale going on. Well....

I picked up a set of pipsqueaks markers, bath tub markers and markers for color wonder paper - none of which are art sets or beginnings stuff. They all ***SHOULD*** be part of the promotion right? Well nope they aren't. I asked the lady if they were included before I checked out and she scans them and says the pips and the tub ones are but not the color wonder. I ask why she points to the bottom of the ad because it says so right there - so I explain (and point out literally) that the color wonder statement refers to another promotion. Well she says oh yeah and gets the manager and apparently the manager failed English because she doesn't understand that the (.) and then the statement about the different sale means that it's not one sentence. She tells me (after I've explained and pointed out that the two sentences are for different promotions) "well the way I understand it it means that the color wonder isn't included - just the ones pictured" so I say um ok it says right by the picture "ALL Crayola Markers" and then only excludes the art sets and beginnings. She responds "well it won't scan so it's not included - thats how I'm reading that" - ok she CAN fix the f-ing problem but won't and obviously can't f-ing read. I was slightly pissed.

So I went back to get a different kind (now remember that the lady and manager said the tub markers were included) so I bring back up 2 pipsqueaks and the tub markers to buy. When the cashier rings them up she says to me "oh the tub markers aren't included" Ok WTF - I almost hit at her. I told her that she JUST told me they were included in the promo to which she says "well they are in a promo just not that one" - OMG someone shoot me! Well I must have had a look on my face that indicated I was gonna kick her because the cashier took them off and rang two of the marker sets at $0.01 each. All that without the manager - why the heck couldn't she have done that with the color wonder markers? I was gonna say something about the $0.02 that I should have had to pay but I just left cause I didn't want to confuse them even further.

So once again I'm back to hating Toys R Us. So people be aware of their stupid employees and their retarded ads that don't really mean what they say.
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