Monday, July 21, 2008

It's almost Party time!!

This coming weekend is Zilla's birthday party. I probably don't sound excited about it which might be because well I'm not. I learned last year that I don't particularly like planning or setting up birthday parties. Will I continue to do them for the sake of my sweet son? Yes but I won't like it even a little bit.

It's not helping my mood on the subject that we decided to do a Blue's Clues Theme - well apparently I should have checked with the only stupid party store in our town (dumb party city) first before I decided on the theme because well they no longer carry that theme! Did I wait until the week before the party to even go look for the stuff? Yes. Should I have done that sooner? Yes but in my defense DaddyZilla's signs and the house cleaning in preperation for him coming home took priority number one. I'm having my mom look for some in Central Florida and maybe we'll have some stuff that goes with the theme or we'll just have a blues clues cake and just plain blue decorations - I don't really care either way. I should be excited about this but well truthfully it's depressing that my little baby is growing up. I'm just not ready for it - too bad he couldn't care less what I want! We'll have fun - it should be easier this year with DaddyZilla home and we will have a bounce house to keep the hoards of kids busy.

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