Thursday, July 3, 2008

Picking some Blueberries!

This morning Zilla and I went with some friends to go pick blueberries. There is a U-Pick Farm about 30 minutes south of us so we headed off at about 7:40am to try and beat the heat - to bad we live in the south and it was almost 80 degrees at that point! Oh well we still had fun and by "we" I mean my friend and I cause the kids only thought it was cool for about a half hour.

Zilla did really well and actually picked some blueberries and put them in the bucket! He is getting SO much better at following directions. My little man is growing up :( He had fun carrying the bucket around and eating some while we were there. I had wanted to get about 10 quarts (5 for us and 5 for my mom/mawmaw) but dang it takes longer than I thought to pick berries and chase kids. We ended up getting only 4 quarts so I might go back next week minus the child to do some real picking.

Overall it was a good experience and at $1 a quart it was nice on the pocketbook as well since we go through some blueberries. It's always nice to support your local farmers!!

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