Monday, July 14, 2008

Can you feel the burn?

I got a gazelle exercise machine a few months back off craigslist in an effort to shrink my butt. It's really fun to do and time just flies by if your watching tv. I'm not the only one that loves it though. Zilla was intrigued by it from the moment he saw it and figured out how to work it fairly quickly (the kid is SMART) and now uses it regularly. This morning I walk back to my room to find him working out a little bit before dad gets home - I guess we both want to look our best...LOL. Here he is getting his workout on:

oh on a side note; Daisy the dog is also slimming down - not so much because of exercise but more because I cut her food intake in half and A LOT less of wyatts food!

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Bri said...

What a strategically placed bar you have there LoL