Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holy Seven Days Batman!

Wow last night I found out that it's possible that DaddyZilla will be home in SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!!!! Yes one week from now I will no longer have to cut the grass, deal with home and car maintenance, go 14 months without a back rub, or have to go to bed alone!!!! How exciting especially that first one LMAO just kidding - we joke about that all the time! I most miss the last one! It will be so nice to have someone to sleep next to - its amazing how much better you sleep when you know that the people you love most are safe and near.

I can't wait for Zilla to see his Daddy in person again - I know that he will recognize him and it will be neat to see his face when he realizes that he can give Daddy kisses at bedtime and not just daddys picture! It's just going to warm my heart to see the two of them together again. I'm also preparing to laugh a lot cause DaddyZilla left a little boy and he's coming back to a toddler - it's gonna be fun, well for me anyway LOL.

I've got SO much to do in the next week. Here's a rundown of my extensive list:
-Clean out and organize garage (this may have to wait since most of the crap is his)
-Mow yard - DONE!!!
-Weed Eat (i think I'll leave this to him)- SORTA DONE
-Yard Sale to get rid of crap - DONE
-Donate yard sale leftovers - DONE
-Make Dinner Menus and go grocery shopping
-Clean out junk drawer - DONE
-Send out Zilla's b-day invites - DONE
-Start to get stuff ready for b-day party
-Clean out SUV
-Clean out Truck
-Charge Truck batteries
-Make cousins diaper holder-thingy - DONE
-Get renters insurance (yes i know i should already have done this - don't judge me)
-Go buy a little something for DaddyZilla to drink - DONE
-Go buy some condominiums - DONE
-get an outfit to wear for homecoming - will just wear something I have
kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, Zilla's room, office, bathrooms - this is not as easy as it sounds with Tornado Zilla following close behind!

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Katie said...

Yea!!!!! I am so excited for you and Wyatt! Enjoy all your time together and don't stress about having to get everything done before Jimmy gets back...leave some of the fun for him!