Saturday, August 16, 2008

Almost lost my husband last night

To an old women at a local Crab Shack! DaddyZilla met a friend of his up at the crab shack to hang out. The crab shack had the miller lite people there passing out stuff and karaoke and what not. Well they had handed out several miller lite temp tattoos. Daddyzilla was approached by an older black lady and was asked if he wanted to "blow on her tattoo" which was lovingly placed on her breast!

That old hag better be glad I wasn't there I would have put her in her place for sure - no one hits on my man and gets away with it. That was actually the second older lady at the crab shack to hit on him - i think it's cause he's got manners and old chicks like men with manners oh and maybe they can tell he drives like a grandpa already! HAHA DaddyZilla dubbed them GGMILF's (great grandmothers I'd like to f***)! I almost peed my pants when he said that! He cracks me up even if the older ladies like him!

ETA: DaddyZilla doesn't seem to think I should have posted it but well I had to because 1)it's funny and 2)it just shows everyone else how hot my hubby is!!!

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