Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good job MomZilla

This morning we all went to Old Navy to pick up some cheap jeans and then came home to put the boy down for nap. Well I walked into my bedroom and heard our toilet water running. I took off the tank lid to adjust the stopper and when I went to go put the lid back on and it started to slip. I tried catching it before it fell but well I didn't. So the lid hit the tank and they both broke! Water spilled all over the floor and I looked down to see that the lid/tank also took a nice fat chunk out of my finger. I yelled for DaddyZilla and he came and shut the water off and proceeded to doctor me up cause my finger was bleeding pretty nicely. The doctoring hurt like hell cause well it was a big chuck that it now missing from my finger. Then DaddyZilla finished cleaning up the water off the floor and threw all the towels into the washer - isn't he sweet?

This is the damage I caused today:
Photobucket Photobucket

I will update later with some up close pics of my wrecked finger cause I know you want to see it! Hopefully we won't have to amputate cause I can't teach Zilla to count to ten with only 9 1/2 fingers!!

ETA: Some people seem to be worried about our ability to now use indoor plumbing - well don't worry my loyal readers (HAHA) we have TWO bathrooms so only one is now out of order. No tree peeing here - I'd walk to walgreens first LOL

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Christina said...

How are you supposed to go to the bathroom now? By the tree?? LOL That must suck!