Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm D-O-N-E

being nice that is.

Last night I ran up to Kroger to get groceries. Should be easy and uneventful right? Nope not here. I finally got all my crap and got into line behind this older lady and her son(at least I think it was her son - maybe cradle robber?). They were taking forever getting their things on the belt so that was annoying but whatever. So when the cashier was done ringing them up the dude swiped his card and the cashier then leaned over and quietly said something to them which they didn't understand I guess because then she said again (where I could hear it this time) that their total was $0.06 - they must have been using food stamp card - and something that they bought was taxable. Well instead of just giving the lady the $0.06 the guy stands their staring at the screen with the items on it, presumably looking for the "mistake", then he has to tell the old women that they owe money so she then stands there for a minute before digging through her HUGE purse looking for the money.

Geez people come on - so I reached in my bag and gave the cashier the $0.06. I was being nice (even though it was mainly to get their slow butts out of my way) and do you think they said anything remotely like a sincere Thanks - NO. The guy looked at me like I just embarrassed him and the women put all her crap back in her purse then looked at me with disgust and said a very crappy "thank you" and walked away. I realize I didn't give them $20 or anything but damn if your poor enough for govt money then you should appreciate my $0.06. stupid people - I'm done being nice.

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