Sunday, August 3, 2008

Target is retarded!

I bought this really cool Birthday Book that I had been wanting to get from target this past week. It's an awesome book that you can keep mementos, thoughts and pictures from your child's birthdays 1-18. I thought the book would be something great to have once Zilla dumps DaddyZilla and I into an old age home so that we could look back and remember what a sweetie pie he was. Anyway so I forked out the $17.97 (yeah I know doesn't really fit in with my tightwad personality but it's a really cool book and I wanted it) and was cool with paying that. That is until I saw on that they have it there for $13.57 -WTF?- so I called them expecting them to say they would adjust my price. Well I must be dumb to think that a company would stand behind their own website - silly me because I was informed that they do not adjust for ANY website including their own. Ok I would semi understand this if the book said it was an online only price (I've seen this on sites before and I'm cool with that) however this was not the case. The guy actually told me that I could return it to the store and buy it from! HA he's lost his mind. It's the same price on amazon and booksamillion (i will check in store here) and order it from them. I don't like to spend money but I certainly don't like to spend it where the people are totally retarded!

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