Monday, August 4, 2008

We have a super hero

at our local Texas Roadhouse that is. We went there for dinner last night with some friends to celebrate two birthdays. Well first off they sat us (all 11 of us) at 2 booths that are meant for 4 adults! Um hello does that make sense to anyone considering that 7 of the party were at ONE of those booths. I digress anyway I ordered a water for Zilla because they have no good juice choices and the waiter brought it out in a white Styrofoam cup with a lid and straw. Well a little while later daddyzilla, my brother and I all had empty glasses so when the waiter came by we asked for more drinks. Zilla had been holding my glass playing in the ice so when I said I needed water the waiter picked up Zillas white styrofoam cup and tipped it to actually look at it to figure out if it was empty. Ok i can understand picking it up to tell if it was full but nope he actually looked AT the side apparently expecting to see the liquid. Well since you can't see through the cup we all figured he has x-ray vision. I won't give out his name in case he's trying to keep his identity under wraps but I'm thinking he should stick to super hero work cause he wasn't a great waiter!

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Bri said...

HA! John says "You've got that one right!" about him being a crappy waiter. Now I get what you meant about xray vision. He was an idiot, that's for sure!