Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still lovin the Wii

I was asked by a loyal Reader (one who actually leaves comments ::hint hint:: to you other slackers) if we were still loving the wii and I have to say that we are!!! In fact last night I played the Super Hula Hoops and thought I was gonna fall over!! I had sweat dripping down my back!

To answer your question Katie - YES it's totally worth buying! I can't believe that we didn't get it sooner. I really have to say that both DaddyZilla and I are in love and really enjoy playing it. There is all kinds of stuff to do including yoga, strength training (with a trainer - jimmy REALLY likes the female trainer lol), balance games - i LOVE the penguin fish game and the soccer game throws balls soccer cleats and panda bear heads at you! - and it has aerobics. Not all of them are as good as some - in my opinion - but i would say that I love 98% of what we've done so far. The only one I hate is the bubble game - the only reason I hate it is because I'm not very good at it at all and have tried it like 15 times and I just suck at that one. Jimmy does well on that one so who knows you might love it.

It is also kinda "mean" to you if your overweight (not that you'd have this problem Katie - you skinny b LMAO) but it will make your little person fat but thats cool with me cause it motivates you. I vote buy it! It's $350 well spent!!


Sandi said...

I love our Wii. I would really like to get the Wii Fit but I know I won't do it. I'll probably hang clothes on it like the Bowflex :-).

Bri said...

Nah, not big enough to hang clothes on HA! You might use it as a serving tray though LMAO

I love our Wii and Wii Fit too. I swear it's become a staple in our house.

Tiffany, I suck at the bubble one too. I finally made it to the end but Im sure I wont be able to do it again. I also suck at the aerobics, so I havent even tried the advanced one yet HA!