Friday, August 15, 2008

We're HOME!!!

We made it back from our trip to go see family. I do love our families but I'm dang sure glad to be home! Zilla had a ton of fun being spoiled rotten while we were there. At my parents his great aunt introduced him to playdo for the first time and he ate it (duh) but didn't like any of the colors/flavors - he tried We also took him to a park where he met Kiki - she told us that she was 4 and her "name is kiki but everyone calls her kiki" LOL She was cute as pie and had fun playing with Zilla - declaring him her new friend! Nanna got him a cool shopping cart which he totally loves but he seems to think it's a chair! At Daddy's families house Zilla's grandma got him a little pool which he had a blast playing in. He also got to play a little with his cousin Jordan and she is just too cute. I think she wanted to play with him a little more than he wanted to play with her but oh well they had a good time anyway. We went out to dinner and Zilla did really well sitting in a regular chair while eating. Overall it was an interesting trip and we are all happy to be home. Enjoy our pictures!

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