Friday, August 15, 2008

Aww how cute

Zilla was SOOOOOO tired and was refusing to nap so I just decided to let it go and planned to put him down to bed early. Well Zilla had different plans. Around 3:30pm he climbed up on the couch, laid on his baby and then went to sleep. Let me mention that his normal nap is around 11:30am and that we were expecting family over for dinner that night. Well any other time in his 2 year long life if he'd gone to bed early he either 1)slept through until the next morning or 2)woke up ate dinner and went back to sleep. Once again he had other plans. Zilla woke up around 9pm in a not so great mood and well stayed up until about 3:10am and then got back up for the day at 6am. I was not exactly in the best mood the next day but luckily for me DaddyZilla's parents always have coffee going!

Asleep on the couch - first time he ever just laid down to sleep on his own

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