Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wii are so excited!

Hubby and I were able to score a Wii and the Wii Fit this morning! Bastard K-mart had the fit in their ad but said they didn't get any but thats cool cause we grabbed the last one from last nights shipment at Walmart! After we got the fit from walmart we went to TRU and picked up the Wii. After we got home DaddyZilla tore into the box and we played it for a while - it is SOOOOO much fun! Even just the wii sports games were a good workout. I did the baseball, bowling and tennis and dang I can feel just that in my arms.

DaddyZilla just hooked up the Fit and is currently doing some yoga on it (looking dang good if I do say so myself) and it looks cool so far. I'm thinking this will be a nice fun way to get some exercise in since it's hot as hades outside! I will keep you all updated on our Wii progress.

Oh and our Wii Fit ages just in case you were wondering: me - 27 daddyzilla - 47

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