Sunday, August 3, 2008

I am a horrible friend

The title pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. I should get the horrible friend award for 2008 right now.

A good friend of mine's husband came home this morning at the horrible time of 3:15am (thanks Army) - thats pretty exciting huh? Well it would have been better if my stupid ass had gotten up when I was supposed to and been there to take pictures of her reunion like I said I was going to. You can only get the excited looks of a wife and child when they see their Soldier back home on U.S. soil one time. I set the dumb alarm but it never went off and my cell was in the kitchen so I missed the 3 times she called or texted me to see if I was still coming. Our alarm is one of those fancy ones read:dumb that you can set for certain days to go off - well my hubby instead of just not turning it on for the weekends has it set to never go off on the weekends - I didn't know that! I just set it for 2am and went to sleep. Well apparently at 2am on Monday it will work just fine but not tonight when I needed it.

These kinds of reunions only happen once and I have been through it so I know how important and nice these pictures would have been but I totally screwed that up. I feel extremely horrible. I know that my friend will tell me it's ok (and so will a few of the like 4 readers I have) but that doesn't matter because I know that it's NOT ok - it's really not. I said I was going to do something important for a friend and I flaked out on her - in my book there are not many things worse than not doing something you said you would. I could really just kick myself. So please if you feel the desire to comment and say it's ok or that I'm not a bad friend - PLEASE DON'T as it will fall on deaf ears. I didn't write this to have people tell me it's ok cause I don't think it is. I just needed to vent I guess.


Christina said...

Ok, you are a SHITTY friend. Happy Now? :)


Bri said...

Id have been totally pissed... but then Id get over it cause you are a GREAT friend that has a SHITTY alarm LMAO