Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zilla's First Breakup

I think it's finally time to say goodbye to my babys first love! His first TV love that is. I'm fairly certain that the curtains are closing on Go, Diego, Go in this house. Zilla seems to be falling in love with a someone new - trains. He has very recently become quite obsessed with "choo choos" aka trains in general but Thomas is his TV love.

I can't say I'm super happy about this cause well train love is looking to be more expensive than diego love but oh well can't really explain to a two year old!

I think I really saw this switch yesterday when Zilla wanted to watch a dvd but I put on diego and he got pretty mad until I put in "choo choo" then he was happy. He has never turned away Diego before so this is a big deal. I'm sure that Diego will handle the breakup well but still I feel like my kid is leaving a loyal love for the thrill of a cheap rebound!

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