Thursday, August 28, 2008

We've been Recalled

Well our bassinet has been anyway. The CPSC has issued a recall for the Simplicity 3in1 and 4in1 baby bassinets. This is not a mandatory recall because Simplicity sold out to some company in April of this year and that new company isn't taking responsibility for these bassinets and is not cooperating with the CPSC! Jerks. There have been 2 small babies that have DIED because the metal bars are too far apart and therefore the infant can get caught and suffocate. Nice that the new company doesn't mind keeping the profits from all the $80+ bassinets but doesn't really care about the lives of the infants that sleep in them! Once again - big fat jerks!!! By the way the company is named SFCA, Inc which is really a part of Blackstreet Capital Partners, LLC - some super rich company that buys up struggling companies. On a side note - the simplicity website (they are keeping the name) does NOT even mention this bassinet issue - way to take care of your customers. I will personally do my best to avoid this CRAPPY brand/company from this point on.

Zilla did indeed sleep in the 3in1 bassinet for about 3-4 weeks and then we moved him to his crib because man that kid was a noisy sleeper! I think we would have been ok anyway cause Zilla had/has a naturally large head - like his mama BUT who knows. If and when we have another child there is no way in hades that I would chance it so thank the good Lord that there are 6 companies who are voluntarily letting customers bring the bassinets back for a refund/store credit.

I totally commend Walmart, Target, TRU, Kmart, Big Lots and JC Penny for showing your customers that your bottom line doesn't come at the expense of small babies!

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