Friday, August 15, 2008

Dear UPS,

Do me a favor and when you require a signature for a delivery ACTUALLY KNOCK where someone could hear you before declaring no one home!

I was supposed to get a package delivered today that required my signature so I stayed home ALL day since they say on their website that deliveries are between 8am and 7PM. So I was in the house (not even in the backyard just in case I didn't hear the door from there) and was getting a little antsy around 5:45 so I checked the tracker and what a surprise it said there was an attempted delivery at 5:25!! WTF?!?! I was home and in my kitchen at 5:25 - why didn't I hear him at the door - he must have been super quiet cause the dog didn't even bark and she barks when the neighbors get in and out of their cars! So I was pizzed to say the least cause I had waited all day and didn't want to wait around on Monday too!

Well I went outside in the yard and sure enough I saw the UPS truck turning onto the street just up the road. SO...I grabbed zilla and threw him in the car and pretty much chased after the truck. I didn't see him so I thought I lost him and was headed home but sure enough there was the truck coming towards me and it stopped at a house. SO..I stopped and asked the guy for my package and he got it for me!!! I'm happy! But seriously UPS workers - you really should knock a little louder especially when you can hear me and my kid inside - you know we are home!!

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