Monday, August 4, 2008

Goodbye Baby!

Up until this point Zilla has been totally content to sleep in his crib and showed no signs of wanting it any different. That is until today.

Today at nap time Zilla wasn't really wanting to go to sleep so after we laid him down he screamed for a while. Well once we realized that he wasn't sounding like it was gonna end I went in to turn his music back on and give him kisses to calm him down. Instead of walking in to find my baby boy in his crib upset I found my darling toddler sitting on his big boy bed pulling some huggies wipe out of the container. Yep he had climbed out of his crib for the first time ever! So DaddyZilla and I put him back in bed and walked out. He was NOT happy about this and screamed some more but stayed put for a while. Then after a bit we heard him banging on the door - he was out again! I decided to just let him stay in there until he fell asleep - on the bed or the floor. DaddyZilla and I were sitting on the couch when we heard a noise I said "he must be playing with the doorknob" and about 10 seconds later out walks Zilla into the living room with the biggest grin on his face! We were shocked - he had never opened a door before! All this in one nap time? We are getting a crib tent to see if that will hold him in for a little while longer at least - he's not ready to lay on his own and sleep yet.

Oh did I mention that he did all of this in stealth mode because we didn't hear any of it on the baby monitor!


Bri said...

He's a super baby, errr, toddler!

Katie said...

get used to it sister! i fight this battle every day!!