Monday, August 25, 2008

Doing Good So Far

DaddyZilla and I are looking to improve our health as well as shave some inches off our waistlines. That is part of the reason we got the Wii Fit.

Yesterday was our first official "weigh in" and I think we did excellent! Since the 16th I've lost 4 pounds and DaddyZilla has lost 2 pounds since the 18th. The Wii is definitely a wonderful way to get some light to moderate exercise in and it's really fun too!!

I plan to keep everyone (all 4 of you HAHA) updated on how our journey is going so feel free to cheer us on!!!


Katie said...

I love your labels- they always make me laugh! I want to hear more about how this Wii Fit thing works! Will I be able to justify buying one? :)

Donna said...

Hey! Great Job on losing 4 pounds. I'm proud of you! Way to GO!!