Saturday, August 30, 2008

Makes me feel good!

I went to a baby shower this morning and when I got home my darling husband informed me that Zilla "didn't even miss me" when I was gone. Wow isn't that nice? He then elaborated and told me that when Zilla woke up from his nap he didn't cry out for me or even look for me at all. Nope he didn't miss me at all. Yeah made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that!

Thanks hun for sharing.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We've been Recalled

Well our bassinet has been anyway. The CPSC has issued a recall for the Simplicity 3in1 and 4in1 baby bassinets. This is not a mandatory recall because Simplicity sold out to some company in April of this year and that new company isn't taking responsibility for these bassinets and is not cooperating with the CPSC! Jerks. There have been 2 small babies that have DIED because the metal bars are too far apart and therefore the infant can get caught and suffocate. Nice that the new company doesn't mind keeping the profits from all the $80+ bassinets but doesn't really care about the lives of the infants that sleep in them! Once again - big fat jerks!!! By the way the company is named SFCA, Inc which is really a part of Blackstreet Capital Partners, LLC - some super rich company that buys up struggling companies. On a side note - the simplicity website (they are keeping the name) does NOT even mention this bassinet issue - way to take care of your customers. I will personally do my best to avoid this CRAPPY brand/company from this point on.

Zilla did indeed sleep in the 3in1 bassinet for about 3-4 weeks and then we moved him to his crib because man that kid was a noisy sleeper! I think we would have been ok anyway cause Zilla had/has a naturally large head - like his mama BUT who knows. If and when we have another child there is no way in hades that I would chance it so thank the good Lord that there are 6 companies who are voluntarily letting customers bring the bassinets back for a refund/store credit.

I totally commend Walmart, Target, TRU, Kmart, Big Lots and JC Penny for showing your customers that your bottom line doesn't come at the expense of small babies!

The link with models included:

Zilla's First Breakup

I think it's finally time to say goodbye to my babys first love! His first TV love that is. I'm fairly certain that the curtains are closing on Go, Diego, Go in this house. Zilla seems to be falling in love with a someone new - trains. He has very recently become quite obsessed with "choo choos" aka trains in general but Thomas is his TV love.

I can't say I'm super happy about this cause well train love is looking to be more expensive than diego love but oh well can't really explain to a two year old!

I think I really saw this switch yesterday when Zilla wanted to watch a dvd but I put on diego and he got pretty mad until I put in "choo choo" then he was happy. He has never turned away Diego before so this is a big deal. I'm sure that Diego will handle the breakup well but still I feel like my kid is leaving a loyal love for the thrill of a cheap rebound!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still lovin the Wii

I was asked by a loyal Reader (one who actually leaves comments ::hint hint:: to you other slackers) if we were still loving the wii and I have to say that we are!!! In fact last night I played the Super Hula Hoops and thought I was gonna fall over!! I had sweat dripping down my back!

To answer your question Katie - YES it's totally worth buying! I can't believe that we didn't get it sooner. I really have to say that both DaddyZilla and I are in love and really enjoy playing it. There is all kinds of stuff to do including yoga, strength training (with a trainer - jimmy REALLY likes the female trainer lol), balance games - i LOVE the penguin fish game and the soccer game throws balls soccer cleats and panda bear heads at you! - and it has aerobics. Not all of them are as good as some - in my opinion - but i would say that I love 98% of what we've done so far. The only one I hate is the bubble game - the only reason I hate it is because I'm not very good at it at all and have tried it like 15 times and I just suck at that one. Jimmy does well on that one so who knows you might love it.

It is also kinda "mean" to you if your overweight (not that you'd have this problem Katie - you skinny b LMAO) but it will make your little person fat but thats cool with me cause it motivates you. I vote buy it! It's $350 well spent!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He's watching me

Zilla that is - I just know that he has a baby monitor or something in my room to see when I get up. This morning my body felt the need to get up at 4:40am to go potty (gotta love those "mommy" terms) and then I laid back down until 5am. Well at 5am Daddyzillas alarm went off and I got up with him and planned to play the Wii until Zilla woke up. We weren't even in the living room for 5 minutes before Zilla decided that he didn't want to miss out on the fun. So my darling son was up before 5:10am!

Can someone send him a memo outlining that the day doesn't start until 6am? PLEASE

Monday, August 25, 2008

Doing Good So Far

DaddyZilla and I are looking to improve our health as well as shave some inches off our waistlines. That is part of the reason we got the Wii Fit.

Yesterday was our first official "weigh in" and I think we did excellent! Since the 16th I've lost 4 pounds and DaddyZilla has lost 2 pounds since the 18th. The Wii is definitely a wonderful way to get some light to moderate exercise in and it's really fun too!!

I plan to keep everyone (all 4 of you HAHA) updated on how our journey is going so feel free to cheer us on!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Almost forgot

With all the toilet breaking and hand injuring yesterday I almost forgot to share our exciting Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon DaddyZilla had plans to go hang out with his friend but before he left we noticed the nasty smell of what can only be described as the stench of a dead animal coming from Zilla's butt. Before changing him I took Zilla into the office so I could pick some stuff up while he played on his Smart Cycle.

A few minutes go by and I hear him whining about something. I turn to see that he had pooped more and it had exploded all over his smart cycle. I carried him to the tub to clean him up then was going to clean off the toy. I, however, walked back into the room only to find the cycle had already been cleaned. Now let me share that the only people in the house were Zilla, Me and Daisy the dog. Zilla and I were washing off poop in the tub so unless the aliens came back I think Daisy might have *helped* too! Can we say YUCK?!?!?

Note to all Husbands

When and if your wife hurts herself it's a good idea to at least pretend like your concerned (even if your not) for her injury and her feelings regarding it. You don't have to cry with her or really do much at all except act like you care. Telling her she is overreacting or to "get over it" or that she's "not gonna die" really isn't being very supportive. Maybe saying something along the lines of "I'm sorry your hurting sweetie" or just anything that expresses that you do (even if it's fake) care.

I'm totally sorry if us chicks find it hard to 'take it like a man' or 'suck it up' like those of you with penises but that's just the way we are. Maybe it really DOES hurt and we just need for someone to care. We (or at least I do) do care when something happens to you and we really only want the same in return.

The only thing that hurts more than the injury is the thought that the person who supposedly loves up more than anyone else could care less. Well just a thought.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good job MomZilla

This morning we all went to Old Navy to pick up some cheap jeans and then came home to put the boy down for nap. Well I walked into my bedroom and heard our toilet water running. I took off the tank lid to adjust the stopper and when I went to go put the lid back on and it started to slip. I tried catching it before it fell but well I didn't. So the lid hit the tank and they both broke! Water spilled all over the floor and I looked down to see that the lid/tank also took a nice fat chunk out of my finger. I yelled for DaddyZilla and he came and shut the water off and proceeded to doctor me up cause my finger was bleeding pretty nicely. The doctoring hurt like hell cause well it was a big chuck that it now missing from my finger. Then DaddyZilla finished cleaning up the water off the floor and threw all the towels into the washer - isn't he sweet?

This is the damage I caused today:
Photobucket Photobucket

I will update later with some up close pics of my wrecked finger cause I know you want to see it! Hopefully we won't have to amputate cause I can't teach Zilla to count to ten with only 9 1/2 fingers!!

ETA: Some people seem to be worried about our ability to now use indoor plumbing - well don't worry my loyal readers (HAHA) we have TWO bathrooms so only one is now out of order. No tree peeing here - I'd walk to walgreens first LOL

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm getting better!

Well at least my vision is anyway. I had an eye appt this morning, which I made because I thought my eyes were getting worse, and the lady said my vision is actually gotten better! My previous prescription was too strong so she gave me something a little lighter. I will be going sometime soon to get new glasses to wear when I'm driving which you need in this silly city where they aren't great with signs! With my new script I have 20/15 vision - I can fly a fighter jet with that vision!

I think I'll stay on the ground but it's nice to know I could if I wanted

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm D-O-N-E

being nice that is.

Last night I ran up to Kroger to get groceries. Should be easy and uneventful right? Nope not here. I finally got all my crap and got into line behind this older lady and her son(at least I think it was her son - maybe cradle robber?). They were taking forever getting their things on the belt so that was annoying but whatever. So when the cashier was done ringing them up the dude swiped his card and the cashier then leaned over and quietly said something to them which they didn't understand I guess because then she said again (where I could hear it this time) that their total was $0.06 - they must have been using food stamp card - and something that they bought was taxable. Well instead of just giving the lady the $0.06 the guy stands their staring at the screen with the items on it, presumably looking for the "mistake", then he has to tell the old women that they owe money so she then stands there for a minute before digging through her HUGE purse looking for the money.

Geez people come on - so I reached in my bag and gave the cashier the $0.06. I was being nice (even though it was mainly to get their slow butts out of my way) and do you think they said anything remotely like a sincere Thanks - NO. The guy looked at me like I just embarrassed him and the women put all her crap back in her purse then looked at me with disgust and said a very crappy "thank you" and walked away. I realize I didn't give them $20 or anything but damn if your poor enough for govt money then you should appreciate my $0.06. stupid people - I'm done being nice.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wii are so excited!

Hubby and I were able to score a Wii and the Wii Fit this morning! Bastard K-mart had the fit in their ad but said they didn't get any but thats cool cause we grabbed the last one from last nights shipment at Walmart! After we got the fit from walmart we went to TRU and picked up the Wii. After we got home DaddyZilla tore into the box and we played it for a while - it is SOOOOO much fun! Even just the wii sports games were a good workout. I did the baseball, bowling and tennis and dang I can feel just that in my arms.

DaddyZilla just hooked up the Fit and is currently doing some yoga on it (looking dang good if I do say so myself) and it looks cool so far. I'm thinking this will be a nice fun way to get some exercise in since it's hot as hades outside! I will keep you all updated on our Wii progress.

Oh and our Wii Fit ages just in case you were wondering: me - 27 daddyzilla - 47

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Almost lost my husband last night

To an old women at a local Crab Shack! DaddyZilla met a friend of his up at the crab shack to hang out. The crab shack had the miller lite people there passing out stuff and karaoke and what not. Well they had handed out several miller lite temp tattoos. Daddyzilla was approached by an older black lady and was asked if he wanted to "blow on her tattoo" which was lovingly placed on her breast!

That old hag better be glad I wasn't there I would have put her in her place for sure - no one hits on my man and gets away with it. That was actually the second older lady at the crab shack to hit on him - i think it's cause he's got manners and old chicks like men with manners oh and maybe they can tell he drives like a grandpa already! HAHA DaddyZilla dubbed them GGMILF's (great grandmothers I'd like to f***)! I almost peed my pants when he said that! He cracks me up even if the older ladies like him!

ETA: DaddyZilla doesn't seem to think I should have posted it but well I had to because 1)it's funny and 2)it just shows everyone else how hot my hubby is!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dear UPS,

Do me a favor and when you require a signature for a delivery ACTUALLY KNOCK where someone could hear you before declaring no one home!

I was supposed to get a package delivered today that required my signature so I stayed home ALL day since they say on their website that deliveries are between 8am and 7PM. So I was in the house (not even in the backyard just in case I didn't hear the door from there) and was getting a little antsy around 5:45 so I checked the tracker and what a surprise it said there was an attempted delivery at 5:25!! WTF?!?! I was home and in my kitchen at 5:25 - why didn't I hear him at the door - he must have been super quiet cause the dog didn't even bark and she barks when the neighbors get in and out of their cars! So I was pizzed to say the least cause I had waited all day and didn't want to wait around on Monday too!

Well I went outside in the yard and sure enough I saw the UPS truck turning onto the street just up the road. SO...I grabbed zilla and threw him in the car and pretty much chased after the truck. I didn't see him so I thought I lost him and was headed home but sure enough there was the truck coming towards me and it stopped at a house. SO..I stopped and asked the guy for my package and he got it for me!!! I'm happy! But seriously UPS workers - you really should knock a little louder especially when you can hear me and my kid inside - you know we are home!!

I'm here for support

Last night I was sweeping the diningroom/kitchen area and I look over to see DaddyZilla watching me. This is how the coversation went:
Me: Am I entertaining you?
DZ: Not really
Me: Then why are you standing there watching me?
DZ: I'm here giving you support

Isn't that just great? My hubby came back from Iraq and I all I got was his stinkin support LMAO Classic DaddyZilla statment!

Aww how cute

Zilla was SOOOOOO tired and was refusing to nap so I just decided to let it go and planned to put him down to bed early. Well Zilla had different plans. Around 3:30pm he climbed up on the couch, laid on his baby and then went to sleep. Let me mention that his normal nap is around 11:30am and that we were expecting family over for dinner that night. Well any other time in his 2 year long life if he'd gone to bed early he either 1)slept through until the next morning or 2)woke up ate dinner and went back to sleep. Once again he had other plans. Zilla woke up around 9pm in a not so great mood and well stayed up until about 3:10am and then got back up for the day at 6am. I was not exactly in the best mood the next day but luckily for me DaddyZilla's parents always have coffee going!

Asleep on the couch - first time he ever just laid down to sleep on his own

What kind of toy is this?

On the way down to Florida Zilla was NOT a happy camper for the last hour of the trip so I was trying to find things to keep him quiet. After trying all kinds of stuff I looked in my glove box and found a thing of carefree pads. So I handed him one and well he was occupied unwrapping it and then unfolding it and trying to figure out what it was. DaddyZilla was NOT happy to say the least that I was letting him play with it but well my thought is that it wasn't used and he didn't know what it was anyway. On the way to the other grandparents house we used that same pad but I took the backing off and we had a great time sticking it to his legs and my forehead. I'm thinking that these photos will serve me well when Zilla gets a girlfriend! HAHA
Photobucket Photobucket

Playgroup Fun

We are in a wonderful playgroup and do something at least once a week with them. The last one we went to was at an indoor playplace we have in our mall. Here are some shots of Zilla playing with his friends.

Saving Money

Zilla has come to realize that his piggy bank is a fun new toy! He likes to take all the coins out and put them back again. It's actually an educational toy too -it's helping him learn patience, shape matching and counting! He and DaddyZilla probably played with that thing for 45 minutes. Here's a picture of my new money saver!

We're HOME!!!

We made it back from our trip to go see family. I do love our families but I'm dang sure glad to be home! Zilla had a ton of fun being spoiled rotten while we were there. At my parents his great aunt introduced him to playdo for the first time and he ate it (duh) but didn't like any of the colors/flavors - he tried We also took him to a park where he met Kiki - she told us that she was 4 and her "name is kiki but everyone calls her kiki" LOL She was cute as pie and had fun playing with Zilla - declaring him her new friend! Nanna got him a cool shopping cart which he totally loves but he seems to think it's a chair! At Daddy's families house Zilla's grandma got him a little pool which he had a blast playing in. He also got to play a little with his cousin Jordan and she is just too cute. I think she wanted to play with him a little more than he wanted to play with her but oh well they had a good time anyway. We went out to dinner and Zilla did really well sitting in a regular chair while eating. Overall it was an interesting trip and we are all happy to be home. Enjoy our pictures!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Goodbye Baby!

Up until this point Zilla has been totally content to sleep in his crib and showed no signs of wanting it any different. That is until today.

Today at nap time Zilla wasn't really wanting to go to sleep so after we laid him down he screamed for a while. Well once we realized that he wasn't sounding like it was gonna end I went in to turn his music back on and give him kisses to calm him down. Instead of walking in to find my baby boy in his crib upset I found my darling toddler sitting on his big boy bed pulling some huggies wipe out of the container. Yep he had climbed out of his crib for the first time ever! So DaddyZilla and I put him back in bed and walked out. He was NOT happy about this and screamed some more but stayed put for a while. Then after a bit we heard him banging on the door - he was out again! I decided to just let him stay in there until he fell asleep - on the bed or the floor. DaddyZilla and I were sitting on the couch when we heard a noise I said "he must be playing with the doorknob" and about 10 seconds later out walks Zilla into the living room with the biggest grin on his face! We were shocked - he had never opened a door before! All this in one nap time? We are getting a crib tent to see if that will hold him in for a little while longer at least - he's not ready to lay on his own and sleep yet.

Oh did I mention that he did all of this in stealth mode because we didn't hear any of it on the baby monitor!

We have a super hero

at our local Texas Roadhouse that is. We went there for dinner last night with some friends to celebrate two birthdays. Well first off they sat us (all 11 of us) at 2 booths that are meant for 4 adults! Um hello does that make sense to anyone considering that 7 of the party were at ONE of those booths. I digress anyway I ordered a water for Zilla because they have no good juice choices and the waiter brought it out in a white Styrofoam cup with a lid and straw. Well a little while later daddyzilla, my brother and I all had empty glasses so when the waiter came by we asked for more drinks. Zilla had been holding my glass playing in the ice so when I said I needed water the waiter picked up Zillas white styrofoam cup and tipped it to actually look at it to figure out if it was empty. Ok i can understand picking it up to tell if it was full but nope he actually looked AT the side apparently expecting to see the liquid. Well since you can't see through the cup we all figured he has x-ray vision. I won't give out his name in case he's trying to keep his identity under wraps but I'm thinking he should stick to super hero work cause he wasn't a great waiter!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Target is retarded!

I bought this really cool Birthday Book that I had been wanting to get from target this past week. It's an awesome book that you can keep mementos, thoughts and pictures from your child's birthdays 1-18. I thought the book would be something great to have once Zilla dumps DaddyZilla and I into an old age home so that we could look back and remember what a sweetie pie he was. Anyway so I forked out the $17.97 (yeah I know doesn't really fit in with my tightwad personality but it's a really cool book and I wanted it) and was cool with paying that. That is until I saw on that they have it there for $13.57 -WTF?- so I called them expecting them to say they would adjust my price. Well I must be dumb to think that a company would stand behind their own website - silly me because I was informed that they do not adjust for ANY website including their own. Ok I would semi understand this if the book said it was an online only price (I've seen this on sites before and I'm cool with that) however this was not the case. The guy actually told me that I could return it to the store and buy it from! HA he's lost his mind. It's the same price on amazon and booksamillion (i will check in store here) and order it from them. I don't like to spend money but I certainly don't like to spend it where the people are totally retarded!

I am a horrible friend

The title pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. I should get the horrible friend award for 2008 right now.

A good friend of mine's husband came home this morning at the horrible time of 3:15am (thanks Army) - thats pretty exciting huh? Well it would have been better if my stupid ass had gotten up when I was supposed to and been there to take pictures of her reunion like I said I was going to. You can only get the excited looks of a wife and child when they see their Soldier back home on U.S. soil one time. I set the dumb alarm but it never went off and my cell was in the kitchen so I missed the 3 times she called or texted me to see if I was still coming. Our alarm is one of those fancy ones read:dumb that you can set for certain days to go off - well my hubby instead of just not turning it on for the weekends has it set to never go off on the weekends - I didn't know that! I just set it for 2am and went to sleep. Well apparently at 2am on Monday it will work just fine but not tonight when I needed it.

These kinds of reunions only happen once and I have been through it so I know how important and nice these pictures would have been but I totally screwed that up. I feel extremely horrible. I know that my friend will tell me it's ok (and so will a few of the like 4 readers I have) but that doesn't matter because I know that it's NOT ok - it's really not. I said I was going to do something important for a friend and I flaked out on her - in my book there are not many things worse than not doing something you said you would. I could really just kick myself. So please if you feel the desire to comment and say it's ok or that I'm not a bad friend - PLEASE DON'T as it will fall on deaf ears. I didn't write this to have people tell me it's ok cause I don't think it is. I just needed to vent I guess.